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// OUR world

Neide Hall, founder of Charmosa Swimwear, is a multi-talented designer, entrepreneur, wife and mother with a serious concern for putting people and the planet first. Her sexy bohemian-styled swim and resort-wear lines are worn internationally and are inspired by the coasts and beaches of Hall's native Brazil.

Hall’s designs are hand-dyed on rich, luxury fabrics, with intricate handcrafted macramé and unique embellishments. She chooses notably soft, eco-friendly fabrics containing SPF 50 and enjoys adding versatility to each piece - many designs are configurable up to six ways.

Collections include bikinis, one pieces, skirts, dresses and leggings. Remaining materials are used to form swimsuit bags, purses, and other accessories in an effort to have a zero waste process.

Charmosa’s team is comprised of Brazilian artisan women working from home to sustain their families. They take pride in their work and love what they do. They are the driving force that keeps Charmosa fulfilling our dream to create uniquely exotic swimwear while giving back to our community.


‘’My inspirations have always been the Brazilian beaches
and their exuberant nature, which have such a beautiful 
mix of sky, sand and sea life.
I especially like the colors."
Neide Hall