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Welcome to our world!

NHall Resort Wear designs swim and resort pieces inspired by bazilian beaches. We develop an earth-conscious work where people and the planet are always prioritize.

Our styles can be found in many countries, like Egypt, Emirates, Lebanon, Panama, Caribbean.

What define us:

// SUSTAINABILITY โ€“ We belive in conscious consumption and manufacturing proccesses that have the least impact on our environment, by prioritizing recycled materials and methods that reduces water and energy.

// FABRICS โ€“ Our materials have buttery feel, a delicate touch and provide SPF-50 protection. Our sustainable textiles are also biodegradable, wich means that they will break down in a landfill after providing years of service.

// REVERSIBLE โ€“ One way to protect our plane tis get more use out of a single piece. It means designing versatile pieces that are reversible to be worn in multiple ways, enabling you to be creative and have a fresh style for each occasion.

// HAND-DYED OR PAINTED โ€“ We developed our own hand-dying and painting methods to ensure that each collection includes exclusively exotic patterns. Each piece is made one by one, giving the status of an art-piece.

// NEEDLEWORK TECHNIQUES โ€“ Some o four pieces use Macrame, a handmade technique where fabric pieces are hand-tied, knot by knot, to form lattice. Other pieces use Crochet, a technique that creates textiles using interlocking loops of yarn. Both are made by female artisans by hand in Brazil.

// OUR TEAM โ€“ Each piece is crafted with love by artisan woman from Brazil. Our team develops pieces with personality and high-end quality that enable a fashionable lifestyle in Harmony with the environment.


โ€œI hope you love your hand-crafted swimwear as much as I do. Every piece that Nhall designs embraces how each one of us is uniquely exotic. By being part of our family, you are supporting na earth-conscious future and giving opportunity to those who bring my creations to life. Have fun expressing your styles with our versatile pieces. Thank you for letting us be part of your life.โ€

Neide Hall โ€“ founder and design