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Vita Crochet Bikini Set - Laguna HD

// HAND-DYED - We developed ours own hand-dying methods to ensure that each piece is uniquely exotic. Different patterns are created for each collection and some details can vary from the photos, this aspect highlights the exclusivity of each piece and the handmade process.

// HAND-CROCHET – It is a needlework technique to create textiles using interlocking loops of yarns resulting in different textures and patterns. Our crocheted pieces are handmade by female artisans at home and it can take up to two days to bring one of our beautiful pieces to life.

// FABRICS - The quality of our pieces is evident in their attention to finishing and fitting. Our fabrics have a delicate touch that can be compared to a silk touch yet provide SPF50 protection. Our pieces completely disappear after three years in a landfill, causing no harm to our planet.

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$205.00 USD
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