Where Luxury Meets Sustainability

NHall presents the Back to the Ocean collection, a love story about feeling the ocean breeze, the warmth of the sun, and the sand under your feet.

We invite you to experience the intricate hand-made macrame, hand-dyed hues and sustainable materials that define our
unique, versatile designs.

Founder and Designer

I am Neide Hall, founder and designer of Nhall Resort Wear. My passion is to create collections inspired by the breathtaking beaches of Brazil. I prioritize people and the planet in my creations, focusing on unique macramé details.

I work with luxurious fabrics, hand-dyed, and love incorporating intricate macramé details and special embellishments into my designs. I opt for soft and eco-friendly fabrics with SPF 50 sun protection, aiming to bring versatility to each piece - many of my designs can be worn in up to six different ways.

I hope you appreciate the beauty and versatility of my creations, reflecting not only my love for fashion but also my commitment to lasting elegance and respect for the environment.